03/08/2017 4:37am

Karate is like a sport and it is very tough game. His training is start in early age and but it is very interesting game. It is is famous of many names and china call this game kung fu.

03/09/2017 6:47am

Karate is more than just a sport, it's my passion and this is where I dedicate most of my time as a guru. I've spent my whole career as a sports medicine physician and I focused all my efforts on karate or martial arts. It's ecstatically fun when your students learn from you first hand the techniques in karate and martial arts. When you see your students learn and enjoy your lessons, that would be the most satisfying feeling as a guru. Thank you for sharing this because I treat my students as my personal treasure.

12/12/2017 3:27am

Perhaps, the Chickasaw martial arts program is about to close a chapter, but it's a good thing that they have helped a lot of children to reach their goals not just in karate, but in general as well. You can see in the faces of these children that they enjoyed the whole experience and they do not regret the time they have spent for attending the class they had just to learn. Good luck, kids! Future will be brighter for you. Just dream, and make those dreams become a reality!

06/22/2017 9:19pm


06/27/2017 1:36am

Time really flies! It is already the time of the year where you have to close another Martial Arts Program. I believe that the kids you have taught for the past year will definitely make use of the lessons they have learned from you for good. I hope that these kids will have a bright future ahead of them and continue doing martial arts and pursue a higher level because I think they are born to be a black belter. Congratulations on closing another year for Chickasaw Martial Arts Program, I hope you will have a better year ahead!

07/26/2017 9:52pm

This kids reminds me of my childhood we too have fun like this we use to play in the mountains next to our school where we go there in our mountain bikes because there were no roads to go over there.

10/22/2017 11:50pm

Self defense is a thing that should be learned by every child.


Feeling good after watching the smile on these children's faces.


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