02/14/2017 3:49am

I'm glad that there are people like you that are posting what they know about their profession. I see that you're a great sensei and there are a lot of things that may learn to you. Not only in martial arts , but also the values that are needed to live a good life. I have a friend whose character has been built by his sensei and I'm so proud of his character transformation.

04/25/2017 12:20am

If students learn a lot about their teacher, it means that the teacher is very great in teaching and a lot of experience. The students' attitude will be the result of how the teacher teaches them on the lessons that they have to learn. In this article, it seems that they are very well trained in attitude and in the profession that they really love. I want to be taught by their teacher, I think I will learn a lot from him and my apply the lessons that he will teach to me. Thanks for sharing this with us, I really appreciate the post hat you've been shown to us.

03/02/2017 7:50am

I will try to remember these moves. They might help me someday.

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