03/27/2017 3:51am

When I was a kid, I remember how I envy my best friend for being so good at martial arts. Her father is a Martial art's teacher, you see. As far as I remember, she trained me as well before. She always makes sure that I am updated with the lessons she had with her father. I am actually not able to do that before since I am not that physically capable as a child. And even though we both know that I shouldn't do it, she understands my desire of being able to learn Martial arts. I must say that I really love her for that.


Modern psychologists speak of the outdoors as a cure for nature deprivation disorder. A martial artist should be able to function properly in any environment. Not only should they be able to fight inside a gym, but they should also be able to fight outside in various kinds of weather and on various surfaces. To be truly strong and fit and functional the human body needs to be able to experience all kinds of temperature and weather. A martial artist should always take time to face the elements.

10/19/2017 6:04am

This is the very first time I've seen that a particular martial arts training was held outside. It's fun but if you cannot take doing something under the sun, this isn't definitely for you. Most of the time, martial arts training is being held inside a gym or studio. But you made a twist that can leave a mixed reaction from the public. But looking at the faces of the ones who were on the training, they were happy! Learning doesn't always need to be always inside a certain room!

I find martial arts as an interesting from of art. It is used for various purposes including self-defense, emotional and spiritual development as well as for entertainment. It is a combination of combat practices in Europe and fighting arts in Asia. Martial arts is used by professional warriors only because the stunts are not easy to do and it requires training.

09/16/2017 7:55am

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